Photography Matters: Let’s Get to the Basics

Taking the Right Pose and Posting

What has made Instagram more popular than other social platforms is its focus on visual content. You need high-quality visual images to succeed in Instagram. In short, take better pictures and you’ll have a good following. Don’t expect to get followers if your photos and profile are not attractive. Appealing photos are an effective credibility boost besides earning you more followers.  

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have the best camera in the world to take great Instagram shots. All you need is practice and patient. Talking of patience, one social media manager once confided to me that she sometimes takes up to fifty photos of a single image in different angles and lighting positions to get the perfect one. Here are a few photography rules to consider in your next photo-shoot.

The Rule of Thirds in Subject Placement  

There’s a reason why Instagram provides that grid of squares when you are uploading an image. The grid helps you to place the central subject of the picture as close to the center as possible. Placement is crucial but you don’t necessarily have to center the subject in all your photos. You can apply the rule of thirds which states that having some objects placed in the outer or bottom thirds of the picture helps to increase depth and create a different style.

Have Sufficient White Spaces

Create sufficient breathing space in your feeds. Avoid a crowded look for close up pictures by leaving some empty white spaces. Balance your close-up photos with open spaces for a refreshing look.

Find the Light

Natural bright light gives selfies and product shots a clearer and more appealing look. Too much flash gives your shots an artificial look so if possible take your photos outdoors or close to a window where there is enough natural light.

Use a Consistent Editing Style

To give your photos a more cohesive look, consider using one editing filter consistently. The similarity ties the photos together. A fine example of consistent edits can be seen in Murad’s #FollowMe projects which feature similarly bright and saturated photos. Us a single editing style that gives your photos a uniform look.

Captions Do Matter Too

In Instagram, the caption is just as important as the photo. The caption space helps you to tell your story more descriptively. If formatting straight from the app is difficult, simply type your caption in your phone’s note taking app then copy and paste the caption on Instagram. Take advantage of the caption to express your expertise if you are looking for clients or tell us more about your products.