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Instagram for Bloggers: What Instagram Matters to your Blogs’s Success

A How-To For Bloggers


When take a look at your Google Analytics, you may find you do not receive much, if any, traffic from Instagram. Do not let that prevent you from curating images and original content. Instagram is an astonishing approach give them a peek behind the scenes and to talk about your life. By viewing two a day or a photograph your followers will begin to get to know you and look forward to your articles, and you'll stay top of mind for them.

1.  Use Instagram to build relationships.


It's a two-way street!  As potential fans discover you, you should start discover other bloggers and interact with their content.  It's great to develop relationships with people from around the world with similar interests.  

One of the best parts of becoming a power user and following a lot of content creaters is just how much you'll be inspired by others.  Trust us, you're going to pick up a lot of new skills and inspiration to build up that audience you've always wanted.

2. Share your own world.



I love to consider Instagram as the Pinterest of my Real life! As bloggers, we adore sharing photos of our endeavors but subscribers wish to know the true you! 

3. Leave comments that are thoughtful.

Good comments AND thoughtful captions go a long way!

Good comments AND thoughtful captions go a long way!

Just like you'd comment on a blog article, comment on other brands and bloggers pictures. Believe me, positive vibes are always reciprocated. You never know what will come out of an Instagram interaction!

4. Tag Brands.

Give brands the love and they'll give it back in spades.

Give brands the love and they'll give it back in spades.

When you shoot pretty stylized images of a new products being used in your actual life, tag them inside! Brands will ask you in case you do not mind them discussing them and LOVE using pictures. This equals out a shout to their fans to you!

5. Do not spam.

It is a thin line to walk between promoting your blog and being a content creator on Instagram.  The moment you give off a SPAMMY vibe is the moment you'll start losing followers en masse.

6. Filters.

You'll get algorithmically rewarded for using Instagram's in-house filters.

You'll get algorithmically rewarded for using Instagram's in-house filters.

Do not overuse them! Images that leverage the built in filters on Instagram receive a boost in search visibility.  Also be sure to #hashtag that filter. And remember nobody enjoys #Kelvin!

7. Connect to your site.

Keep the link simple and start them off at an Instagram specific welcome or landing page.

Keep the link simple and start them off at an Instagram specific welcome or landing page.

Instagram provides you a place on your profile to bring a live connection -- make it a URL to your site! It could look as a no-brainer however, you'd be amazed how many bloggers I have seen with no hyperlink. And in case you need to optimize that connection, try Link Tree out! It is used by me and I'm loving having the ability to direct people.

8. Use hashtags.

But do not over do it. Learn what hashtags your function models that are Instagram are currently utilizing and then use those as a starting point. Reach out to your Campground Social account manager to get a list of what #hashtags are trending with your feed!

9. Do not over-post.

Instagram is not like Facebook -- you do not need to post EVERY photograph in the family vacation. I don't post over two times each day and that I like to out them. 

10. What can I post?

If you are stuck, you can't ever go wrong with a cute dog!

Hashtags Matter: Our Guide to Mastering Them

Here's a familiar situation: you leave your house using a fully charged smartphone just to realize it is at 37% from the time you get to your destination. What is draining its battery lifetime?

Apps. Specifically social media apps.


The average person spends around 4 hours on their smartphones a day. Over 80% of the time is spent on apps independently and 50% of the time spent on those programs fall under the social networking class.

Instagram is among the most downloaded societal media programs with approximately 700 million active users yearly. With this quick hashtag guide, you'll have the potential to attract your small business to the screens of the 700 million people around the world!

Here's a quick summary of what we shall cover in this guide. Feel free to skip!

How to Use Instagram Hashtags -- The Basics:


Take advantage of your hashtag as a portion of your post caption or as a remark.


Instagram enables a max of 30 hashtags each post.


Censored/banned hashtags -- There are certain hashtags that fall along the lightly censored to fully banned spectrum. By using one, your business could be damage! While there is no official record published by Instagram, make certain to google or check yourself to see if posts appear under the hashtag that you want to use.


Displaying any behaviour that is inappropriate on the stage or spamming hashtags can get you blocked by accounts that don't already follow you, rendering your hashtags useless so be cautious!


Different Types of Instagram Hashtags:


Popular: #instagood (608M), #photooftheday (433M), #followme (331M) The very well-known hashtags collect posts ranging from the 100 to 500 million. They will get you the advantage you're searching for but likely not the sustainable involvement. Your article might get lost under that label in the abyss of a 100 million additional content. Follow the "large 3" rule and select three popular hashtags to boost the initial rate of engagement for your post.


Categorical: #photography (131M), #travel (197M), #nature (245M) One of the key purposes of hashtags would be to organize posts into categories that are easy for people to discover. By searching to follow, New users may venture out.


By using these types of tags, individuals who share common interests, with your own business will be connected; it is a way to locate your targeted audience. Bringing niche followers will, in turn, attract real follower engagement that could spread your company past the community.


Branded: #justdoit (Nike 11M), #shareacoke (Coca-Cola 663K), #mycalvins (503K) Do you have a brand slogan? Even using your business name for a hashtag and inviting your audience to use it will not only make a new community of your own but will also spark UGC (free advertising!) Keeping your audience participated will keep them committed to encourage your brand long-term.


Instagram Metrics to Measure:


Don't forget to track your progress! There are many free services like SumAll, that may do All of the hard work for you but here are a few suggested points to measure:

Number of enjoys, comments, and conserves (or typical amount)


Impressions -- number of perspectives on a post that is branded


Reach -- quantity of visitors on a post that is branded


Number of followers lost or gained


Rate of engagement


Although there are lots of factors that lead to the achievement of your Instagram webpage, these simple tips will give you the boost you will need to get ahead of the game!